How to be clear.

There is such a thing as a way to work that works.

It's a way that can be learned -
so that work becomes effortless and fulfilling.

It starts with understanding how to work with three things:
ideas, initiative and identity.


To be clear on what you're doing, you need to know how ideas work. The Very Clear Ideas process provides a simple, repeatable, step-by-step approach to clarifying ideas: whether it's your purpose in life or the plan for your next holiday. 

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To be clear about how you work with other people, you need to understand how initiatives work. Whether you're running a major corporation or collaborating with a friend, by mapping who is helping who with what (and why) you can ensure that working together is effortless and wildly creative.

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To be clear on what your role is, you need to be able to look at the world through the lens of 'identity'. Every obstacle to creative flow can be traced back to a misplaced story of who you are. Identity Yoga is a simple and direct practice that reliably restores creative flow.